The Most BEAUTIFUL RV Resort in AMERICA! (Best Kept Secret)

Oh look at this Turf you can lay on it yeah bigger boat favorite RV Park this is my favorite experience and with RV [Music] [Applause] [Music] it’s like in the moment [Applause] [Music] [Applause] but we’re not going to see you again we got Maggie Rose over here awesome crew enjoy your journey [Music] if you don’t get excited about a laundry room this would be the one well this is about

As much fun as we could have doing laundry all so you can be in the water that’s my favorite roof yeah Lounge how’s this for an evening drive not bad not too bad this is the kind of traffic I like here I want to check out the captain’s chair [Music] [Applause] wanna see

[Music] I’m Tom and I’m Sharif and we’re enjoy the We are in Fort Lauderdale Florida at Yacht Haven Park and Marina they invited us to experience a new way to RV yeah look at this place it is so incredible I’ve never seen anything like it right I’ve never seen anything like it and actually this is your favorite RV Park

This is my favorite experience and with rving my favorite RV park resorts and everything about it has been dreamy I keep using the word dreamy but it’s dreamy it’s very dreamy yeah oh my gosh we can’t wait to share it with you you on the edge of mystery we long

For a life of new discovery focus our eyes on the journey stepping into the unknown waving goodbye to a worried and we’re ready to go please Call them One three Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous let’s begin look at this place our RV is like right over here can you believe it we are surrounded by yacht oh right over here there was a dinner cruise boat that docks over here it’s gone right now but super cool and look

At this big yacht right here these people have a nice multi-million dollar yachts around here it’s my mind is blown by the yeah we were invited by Yacht Haven Park and Marina

To come out here for a new way to RV and wow is it a new way oh my God other cars are gonna have to step up their game because I’ve never seen anything like this before yeah it is

Super cool I five oh you’re waking me up here I know you can really nap out here you’ve been out here for hours at a time I love it out here this entire RV Resort and Marina

Is 100 Turf yeah at first I was like it looks so perfect like it couldn’t be real but then even looking closer at it I’m like is I still question whether it was real or not because each little blade of grass is just whoever did this did a great job creating this perfectly

Manicured grass yeah and it’s cushiony when you lay on it it feels good under your feet it’s just I love I love it right and you know what it’s dog friendly actually even the pet

Area yeah the turf yeah the pet area 100 Turf they even allow you to drive on it when you’re backing into the site which I thought that’s crazy because usually you gotta stay off the grass yeah another thing you don’t have to think about is grass stains right we are sitting

On something else but we can we sit right on the grass sitting directly on the grass and they do have real nature out here it’s very beautifully landscaped even with some fruit trees yeah you bounce the bananas bananas yeah we got a palm right here and nice shade

Cover right now we’re in the Sun but it just it feels so nice the weather’s been beautiful every day we’ve been here right and like if you do have pets or you’re sitting out here you don’t have to worry about dirt yeah yeah uh or bugs mud yeah track and Durden you’re

Not contract Durden even like the patio area is super clean because there’s no dirt to be tracked right we don’t have our little uh shoe uh scrubber thing now if you don’t need it I’ve been walking barefoot around here my feet don’t get dirty it’s like this

Is really nice and the yeah the first place ever that we’ve had this yeah I’ve never had seen this before yeah and didn’t think I would like fake grass because I really really love nature but having that element with everything else being nature is just it especially the

Water I’ve been right out here next to this water oh it’s just been it’s like dreamy I keep saying the word dreamy yeah it’s been dreamy we are backed up right to the water when we open up the deck we are literally a few feet from the water and looking at these

Amazing uh yachts and boats here and they’re not just for looking at they’re for taking over a little ride we have been out not once twice on the water since we’ve been here two different boats yes one was all day well we from 10 a.m to like 7 p.m and we were pulling

In in the dark right all day it was great we took out the rental pontoon we are ditching the RV for the day how’s this for an evening drive not bad not too bad this is the kind of traffic I like

And we loved it so much that we even came back after dark yeah we loved it so much I’m Googling how much does a pontoon boat cost before we were even back I was Googling this and of course we were back late because we were at the beach yeah of course Beach tribe

Was happy yeah it was beautiful but not only that there’s a huge yacht here that you can also Charter and we went out on that yeah as well sweet so we are on a boat with Gary Ken and another Tom another time there’s so many times in Fort Lauderdale and oh my gosh

This is they insane they have given us the most amazing tour back here of these one house of 40 million dollars it’s like this is incredible it’s like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous yes and you can actually uh Charter this boat right here that we’re on from the RV Resort

Yeah you can have this experience too this is incredible I feel like I’m in heaven yeah yeah we’re speaking my love language here they’re fun too yes we we had so much fun this is the New River right here it goes through

Downtown uh Fort Lauderdale and wow I mean it’s just such an amazing area they call it the yacht capital of the world and uh yeah these what do they call this row they call it like yacht row or yacht lane or something because they’re so many and they’re huge and

Even in these channels you see the big cruise ships too Mariner mile Mariner mile yeah I think that’s what it was for more great videos like this one make sure you smash that subscribe button or scan this QR code right over here with your smartphone that way you’ll be subscribed

And catch all of our videos we also ran into several viewers from YouTube yeah are enjoying themselves lobbying it here yeah immensely staying for extended periods of time right yeah Dexter [Music] I watched every video how to flush the text how to hook up the tanks

Everything and you were very very helpful oh well thank you yeah no I mean between you it makes all the hard work and Mark from kyd sure consistently they’re so good and that looks like every week I have to look for your videos when you

Release them same with them so it was very nice to me well thank you so much uh great to meet you at this place for me it’s phenomenal we’ve stayed our son moved here last November and we stumbled on this place and we’ve been here like 12 days a month since October oh

Wow yeah yeah and we were here before they did all the work so we know okay wow yeah what they’ve done is incredible what a great testimony to this place it’s nice meeting you thanks very much I’ll see you tonight at the wine yeah thank you sounds great great

To meet you thank you well this was awesome we ran into Doug and Julie while we were here at Yacht Haven how are you guys liking it we love it been here about four months four

Months yeah wow easy to get used to I and I bet you those months just go by and you don’t know where the time went they do it has but we’ve loved it here everyone’s been you get to know the managers and the staff and they just really treat you well it’s just

Really a great experience yeah I mean we unfortunately have to leave tomorrow and but I got an extended checkout so that was nice there you go and they’re gonna escort me out as well okay I don’t think I’ve ever been in a park that does that they might hmm they might just be

Doing that for you I’m not sure they saw a couple episodes that’s really funny Doug now she’s she did that was to yeah stop any potential accidents but maybe maybe she watched some of our videos I don’t know about that so what’s your favorite part about the park I left them

On oh we were just in there yeah yeah it’s really neat everything is safe just this Beauty it is I mean and they’ve got this huge add-on Edition improvements that they’re doing and yeah weekly event truck and it’s just nice to have those little small

Touches wind down Wednesday yeah well hey great to meet you guys thank you good to see you guys chatting with you and uh well enjoy your stay here we gotta say goodbye but you know we’re bump into each other back here soon sounds great safe travels thank you Tom

Thank so that was interesting to have a conversation with them they’re just having so much fun they gave us all kinds of things to do which we did and yeah speak speaking about the things to do around here not Haven uh Park and Marina is so close to so many different things there’s

So much to do here I mean and you’re so like even the airport is really convenient you’ve got the beautiful beaches right trust me your friends are going to want to come here and visit with you while you’re here and there’s a way to do that we’ll talk about that in

A minute but I want to talk about Los Olas some of our viewers recommended that we go there and we did and it was really cool it’s a nice little shopping district with a lot of cafes on the sidewalk and it was

Just has a really nice vibe to it a lot of fun groups playing live music as well oh I swear I feel like you know if you have a nice car that’s where you take it to show it off

Because it’s like the boulevard back and forth showing up porches and Bugattis oh my gosh oh just name it it was and they all like cruising slow so funny but also like being in another country because the Paris yes feral parrots flying all around like a whole bunch of them

Right block of them so you call them a flock a flock of parrots flock of parrots when is the last time you saw a flock of parrots oh wow all right so it feels like it sounds like you’re in the jungle we were actually listening

We were at a French restaurant and listening to some kind of French music and it was like all the different elements going on it felt like we were in a different country yeah we even commented on those like it feels like we’re in a different country it was so weird

Again Beach tribe is happy so many beaches around here Miami is close so if you want to go to South Beach in Miami uh the Florida Keys oh yeah we also took in snorkeling in the Florida Keys and your son Logan yeah also joined us yeah as well uh love the Florida

Keys like world class snorkeling yeah it’s amazing and we’ve we’ve snorkeled in a few other places around the world and yeah I mean Florida Keys is it’s amazing snorkeling yes John Pennekamp State Park uh awesome uh we’re close to the Everglades right go take an airboat

We’ve done that before yeah a lot of fun that is definitely worth doing fast and fun uh so I mean golf uh fishing uh yeah you mentioned shopping shopping uh you can basically make this place like your home base then you do everything everything is in a close vicinity

It’s so convenient either buy boats or by vehicle because I even mentioned that there’s so many waterways and canals it’s almost like you can get around without even having a vehicle if you have a boat because you can just pull up to restaurants pull up to shopping it’s

Just so amazing like another little city within a city almost that was fun learning how to park the Pontoon you know on a dock I’m like it’s kind of like flight lessons it’s really easy to take off it’s the landing that is the challenge well you did a great job sweetie

But not that people want to leave here I mean we’ve enjoyed spending full days just here because it’s so relaxing so relaxing and peaceful I mean just beautiful read a book by the water right here and have coffee by the water have evening drinks by the water people are walking

Their pets by all the time you’re gonna be so friendly and happy here I couldn’t help but notice like everywhere everybody Smiles everybody’s happy it’s just it’s good happy energy it feels really good yeah there’s no crabby people here no I haven’t met any crappy

People even like wait staff in the restaurants are happy and laughing and having fun it’s like this is like a whole new world and they have a nice Community Center Tiki yeah you’re kind of a fan of tikis I love the tiki and uh we got a special treat Maggie Rose yes

Was here doing a special a cappella that’s the most people won’t wear anyway Happy birthday [Applause] little tiny Gathering concert they stayed here for several days yeah we saw him several times while we were here so big country music artists hello hi there Rose man right awesome job last night beautiful I’m laying down Wednesday and they have wind down Wednesdays where they provide wine and

Other drinks and snacks and food and just can hang out together here look at this this is awesome it’s like so many people having so much fun it’s like so much great energy here it just feels good to be here

Food truck was a night I know how to take care of guests here and I that feels like their passion totally crazy creations hi there hello are you having a hard time deciding yes there’s so many good things on this menu it was like and it’s so colorful too so it’s

Really happy and I can’t stop looking at it at least we’re here for a whole week so yeah so we’ll be back we can try different things signature crazy sauce what is that she makes

Her own sauce is it spicy or what how do you we’re gonna have to try the crazy sauce and look how cool this is right here it’s like it’s so peaceful sitting here next to me right

Next to the pool that’s super cool and then look how pretty this is over here with all the games it was just like this is a really cool place and with big Community table here that is beautiful yeah nice Tiki you know I have an affinity for Tiki yes I heard the Bell

Thank you so much oh my gosh this bold look at this thing look at that wow yum I don’t know that I gotta eat anything else the rest of the day hmm that’s really good but wow did we have off-site amazing food destinations oh yeah

Don’t let the wind get any huh [Music] good stuff wow yeah look at that presentation holy cow [Applause] Mahi tacos they look amazing yum are you gonna share one of those with me look at these chunks of garlic chunks of garlic this place was recommended by Yacht Haven oh yes what oh

You want to eat the shell wow it’s really good though I bet yeah it’s called tiki Tiki it’s that a little crunchy wow and spicy you want some Fiber you’re gonna love that I I bet oh my gosh this was recommended

Peel and eat shrimp right here it looks amazing yeah you got chunks of garlic on there I got this because Mommy with Caesar an avocado delish and look at the corn Mexican street cars we’re gonna share that and we are right on the water

Wow can you pick a favorite I’d have to think about it because it was all so good and you’re going to want to invite your friends right that’s right and if you want to do that they

Have RVs over here that you can rent and they’re all grouped together right here on the water it’s so nice the little airstreams plus a Class A if you want a bigger one okay look at these cute little airstreams right here yeah three of them all in like their own little

Caravan Camp spot here uh plus you can kind of see on the other side there’s a Class A yeah as well yeah pretty cool let’s go check them out go take a peek okay so we’re gonna tour one of the airstreams that they have here right on the water next to all these

Fancy Yachts not a bad view let’s check it out oh look how cute I’ve always loved these oh this is really nice oh cool Lighting in here yeah well you know what it has a lot more in it than I thought it

I mean it’s a fairly short unit and look at that cute little bed tucked away right there they have a combo bathroom shower in here but look at the view out the window right right out there cool not terrible you can watch the boats go by how’s the bathroom it’s

A combo toilet and shower situation okay so you have it all in one area but it’s kind of tucked away okay yeah so the shower’s on this side over here yeah nice little sink here some storage refrigerator yeah cute they come with Keurigs here I see yeah they probably

Set them up to make sure they’re good that’s cool yeah they’re good with that these are kind of like skylights oh yeah yeah I imagine the couches open up into another sleeping area we’ll have to try one of these out at some point huh let’s invite all our friends

And family what are we doing yeah they even set you up with some furniture out here you can see they’re enjoying theirs out here and the foliage is really nice how they have this landscape okay so I always say a true test of the cleanliness of a restaurant in the

Back is checking out their restrooms in the front for customers because then you can kind of gauge how much cleanliness means to them so here’s the true test haha oh wow wow wow oh and it smells so clean

Look at this glass shower door oh and I love it when people pay attention to detail because it’s nothing worse than not having enough we’ve been in a lot of hotel rooms like that right it’s a hanger towel or clothes oh there’s another hook I like books I like books yeah

Air conditioning unit yeah in here hand dryer yeah this is super nice wow yeah how many RV parks and campgrounds are you in and there’s no air conditioning yeah nice even like frosted glass like it just has a good feel to it huh you might have to choose to shower here instead

Of yeah I think so [Laughter] hey hey the app on my phone told me my laundry was ready seriously what wow what that’s pretty crazy that is such a cool feature and it’s like again best customer experience ever and did you know Tom that they accept cash um the

App you can pay on your phone there’s like the options of paying this is like mind-blowing and look at the countertops yeah what a technologically advanced laundry room yeah that is something it’s nice and cool yes also air conditioned yeah [Applause] [Music] I go sure okay yeah

I mean and we’ve just scratched the surface here yeah yeah I think we could hang out here long term we could handle that right twist more okay we’re good maybe we need to check into that monthly rental rate yeah we do too do you want to stay here well we have a secret

Discount code just for you guys just for our viewers so shh keep it a secret we will actually put a QR code like right down here you can scan it with your smartphone or put the link

Actually in the description and the pin comment you guys are going to want to check this out yeah oh please check it out and let us know what you think because and what’s better than getting a site here for a week or a couple months how about owning one of these amazing

RV sites at Yacht Haven that’s right for the first time they are making some of the very best sites available to purchase just email this address right here for more information about that we will also put it down below in the description and the pin comment wow

I better not tell Cherie about this we may never leave wow that’s more than four times the size of it 3 400 square feet with um wet and dry sunbathing oh so you can be in the water that’s my favorite roof yeah Lounge look at that lounge with

Bar food service we’re gonna get an outside catering company here to do food and beverage they are in the middle of a multi-million dollar renovation here right well there were new ideas popping up from the owner when we ran into him for the boat ride he’s like oh

What do you guys think about this I’m like all right this is a great idea and he’s like he just wants me a great idea he’s like has so much passion for people being happy like

Oh does he think that would be fun do you think you would like that do you think that would work right and again it’s like what other campgrounds and RV parks do you really get the feeling from the management that they’re all about the customer experience right all

About the camper experience I mean from small details like trash pickup right it’s so convenient huge details like a concierge service oh and the pool that they are planning here amazing huge saltwater pool which is talking your language yeah I know I said oh is it going

To be salt water or chlorine he said oh salt water I’m like thank you we wouldn’t be the first to come back yeah we totally have to come back oh yeah yeah

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